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Hi! I’m Jacob Karter, co-founder of PrisonDir ®

We provide information about major prisons and jails operating in the country and are adding more as we speak.

Why this?

3 years ago, my brother was jailed for a white-collar crime. While he was in prison, I had a tough time finding information about visiting hours of the jail he was sentenced in. Also, there was no information on how I could send him mails or even money. The county website was not updated for eternity and the nobody picked up the call when I used to call the jail. My only option was driving to the jail and inquire about the exact information.
My brother (who is a changed man now) and I are not alone in this. This problem is faced by millions of Americans whose friends/family members are currently incarcerated.
So this was the motivation for starting PrisonDir, along with my brother.
Look inside
For each of the prison/jail listed in our directory, we have the following information available:
  • Overview/history of each prison
  • Prison/Jail physical address and phone number
  • Inmate search instructions
  • Visiting hours and instructions
  • Mailing address and instructions
  • Phone call timing and provider info

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Did you Know?
  • USA accounts for over 4.5% of the worlds prison population
  • It has one highest incarceration rate in the world.
  • Over 16,000 prisons and jails operating in the country
  • As per 2016 census, 2,162,400 inmates were incarcerated in prisons and jails.

Last Updated on 21/09/2018